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Ventilation Testing

Testing ventilation systems is very important and will determine whether the system is clean or dirty. We have 2 main methods of testing ventilation cleanliness which are:

  • PVT (Preferred Vacuum Test) BSEN 15780 states there should be x3 tests taken every 50 metres of lineal ductwork. Our technicians do this by vacuuming a 1m2 sample from the ventilation. We then send this to a 3rd party laboratory to determine whether the system is a pass or fail.
  • Microbial Testing CIBSE TM26 states that sample media can be used to determine whether the ventilation has microbial matter within the duct. Samples are then taken to the laboratory immediately to be analysed.


Duct Clean Scotland management are industry experts in the field of ventilation hygiene and compliance.  We have extensive knowledge of regulations such as:

  • TR19
  • BSEN 15780
  • SHTM 03/01
  • SHTM 2025
  • CIBSE TM 26

We have been part of several project teams and ventilation action groups to rectify any problems with compliance and to work out who is responsible for what.  We work across the board with clients such as:

  • M&E consultants
  • M&E Design & Build
  • NHS facilities management
  • H&S consultants
  • Main contractors
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Laboratory scientists
  • Facilities management companies
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