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We provide training courses. At present our main course we provide is for a Grease Hygiene Technician. Contact us for more information about when our courses start. DCS are delighted to be the 1st BESA Academy training centre in Scotland. We’re excited to be raising the ventilation hygiene standards throughout the industry


Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT)

The Duct Clean Scotland GHT course is aimed at supervisors, individuals looking to become supervisors or those who have experience working within the building engineering services grease extract hygiene industry. Experience and industry knowledge will be required, candidates do not need to hold the BESA GHO qualification but it is advisable before attending the Grease Hygiene Technician course.

Grease Hygiene Technician Course Overview

The Grease Hygiene Technician course consists of theory and practical activities and the delegates will be assessed on both.
The theory and practical exercises include: -

  • Safe working practices
  • The principles of kitchen grease extract systems and associated components
  • Planning and preparing the work location
  • Cleaning of kitchen grease extract systems and associated components
  • Supervision
  • Working sustainably
  • Pre and post clean testing and reporting

On Completion of The Course Grease Hygiene Technician Delegates Will:

  • Understand health, safety and environmental issues within the workplace
  • Appreciate the importance of sustainable working
  • Understand the principles of kitchen grease extract systems and components
  • Know how to prepare the work location for cleaning activities
  • Select the correct materials, tools and equipment for work
  • Have the ability to insert suitable access panels
  • Have the ability to safely carry out the correct cleaning methods
  • Solve problems within their responsibility and others under their control
  • Appreciate the importance of leaving the work area clean and tidy
  • Lead by example when supervising others and work effectively
  • Understand and carry out pre and post clean testing and reporting as per TR19® Grease Specification
  • Appreciate the commercial implications of actions

Entry Requirements

  • An accredited Health & Safety training certificate
  • BESA Grease Hygiene Operative course (not essential but is advisable)

Course Duration

  • 3 days

Final Assessment

  • Multiple choice question paper, practical assessment and professional discussion

Duct Clean Scotland Fire Damper Testing Competence Training

This CPD approved one day course delivers high quality practical training and covers relevant theory, legislation and guidance; DW145, BS9999:2017 and BESA TB001 for those involved in the fire damper testing marketplace.

Fire Damper Testing Course Overview

The one-day DCS fire damper testing competency course is designed to cater to industry demand for approved competency training. Practical and theoretical training are delivered in the course and candidates will be taught to safely carry out fire damper drop tests, identify issues and problem solve. The one-day course is CPD approved and counts as 8 hours of continuous professional development.

Practical Training

Mechanical and motorised fire damper testing is delivered across a range of different dampers in our training centre. Damper types include both “in airstream” and “out of airstream” designs and motorised fire dampers. Our training centre has been designed to provide test scenarios which are realistic and prepare candidates for real world working conditions. Our expert tutors understand how to guide both new learners and experienced engineers to test safely in accordance with legislation and industry guidance. Fitting of access panels and making good of ductwork insulation types is also covered within the practical training. Candidates practical skills will be assessed and developed throughout so that they are competent to fit system access, isolations and carry out drop tests.

Theoretical Training

Legislation and industry guidance is covered in detail during the course. This ensures candidates understand principles and reasons for testing. This will include knowledge on statutory requirements and BS9999:2017, BESA DW145, the RRFSO and BESA DW144. Understanding technical and schematic drawings is a key skill for testing engineers, it is essential for salespeople pricing damper testing, this is covered within the training. Reporting procedures and expectations are clearly laid out in the training presentation and learner packs. These skills are assessed in a multiple-choice question paper and technical drawing assessment.


Each candidate will receive a detailed learner pack containing key information relating to fire damper testing. Learner packs provide useful links to additional websites for future reference. On successful completion of both practical and theoretical elements candidates will receive a certificate from DCS valid for 3 years.

Training Dates Table

Course NameCourse Date
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseMonday 24 - Wednesday 26 May 2021
And then the last full week of each month for the next 6 months
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseWednesday 23 - Friday 25 June 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseMonday 26 - Wednesday 28 July 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseMonday 23 - Wednesday 25 August 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseWednesday 29 September - Friday 1 October 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseWednesday 20 - Friday 22 October 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseWednesday 24 - Friday 26 November 2021
Grease Hygiene Technician CourseWednesday 15 - Friday 17 December 2021
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