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Pressure Testing

DCS Pressure Test & Air Tightness Class

DCS Pressure test & Air tightness class as set out in DW143 is a determination of how leaky your ductwork is. This can have a significant impact on energy consumption and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) An pressure test is carried out by keeping ductwork at a constant pressure and using a measuring device to determine ductwork leakage in accordance with DW144. We use a Panda 341 ductwork pressure testing rig which has been independently verified & collaborated.

All staff have a wealth of experience covering sectors such as construction, healthcare, residential, engineering and pharmaceutical sectors.

Testing Professionals

Tests can be carried out in partial sections (usually 10%) or full ductwork installations. When doing tests engineers will blank off section’s engineers will use ridge galivanted blank ends or dense foam to create the constant pressure in the ductwork.

Once completed client receives a full report on

  • Classification of ductwork
  • Ductwork surface area
  • Leakage rates
  • Duration of pressure test
  • Reporting of defects found
  • Test certification & report

Should the ductwork fail to achieve the leakage requirements we have a variety of solutions including our Aeroseal machine that can drastically reduce ductwork leakage by 99%

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