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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Certified Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service

Duct Clean Scotland is a certified kitchen extract cleaning service provider, licenced to issue TR19 certificates accepted by insurance companies, fire and stakeholders. Our company works with a responsible and methodical approach and this is one of the key reasons why we have regular customers for kitchen extraction cleaning services.

An unclean kitchen extract system can result in poor extraction performance but more seriously can contribute to the cause of a fire. Busy work schedules means the kitchen staff do not have the time to sufficiently check the cleanliness and perform a thorough clean. Our inhouse systems will retain and monitor the validity of your TR19 certificate and issue a reminder ahead of the expiry to allow time to plan an inspection and clean.

A sudden fire can cause serious disruption to a business, increased insurance premiums and in the worst case can result in a significant risk to life.

Kitchen Extract Professionals

The solution to an underperforming or dangerous kitchen extraction system is to employ the services of Duct Clean Scotland to carry out a full inspection and thorough clean.

Duct Clean Scotland has some of the most experienced extract cleaning professionals and we deliver first class service to each of our customers. Our cleaning technicians are constantly assessed and trained on the latest methods and technologies along with safe working practices. As a professional kitchen extract cleaning service provider, we enjoy a positive reputation witnessed by our long list of returning high profile customers.

Compliance with TR/19

Our company works in a 100% professional manner. A key point which proves this is that we are TR/19 compliant. This simply means that once our experts finish their jobs and your extraction system is completely dust free, you are provided with certificates which ensure that your kitchen is a completely safe workplace. In other words, the lives of people who work there would not be at any form of risk. You do not need to hold the slightest of apprehensions about the authenticity of certificates that we provide. They are accepted by fire officers, health officers and other stakeholders. Trusting an extraction company that is not TR/19 compliant only to save small sums of money is nothing but foolish thinking. We hold a positive reputation and that is mainly because our customers trust us. They have a clear idea that when we perform a kitchen extraction job, it would be nothing less than perfect.

Regular Examinations

Kitchen extraction cleaning is not a one-step process and our experts truly realise this. Thus, we would visit your kitchen at regular intervals so that you are provided with a continuous status of the state which your kitchen is in. Regular visits make it easy for us as well as you to perform the extraction cleaning job, particularly replacements. We understand that multiple replacements at a time have various negatives attached. First of all, this would put your business operations on a hold. Other than that, prolonging fault repairs would increase the risk factor which is obviously unwanted.

  1. At the end of each visit, our team provides you with the overall status of your kitchen. If something is not up to the mark and creating a risk factor, you would know about it in a timely manner. We also identify the replacements at the end of each visit. For instance, if any of your duct pipes are blocked and need to be replaced, you would know about it in advance.

  2. We would provide you with a tentative work plan for the extraction cleaning jobs that would be performed in the next visit. This actually helps you in determining the time span for which your business operations need to be stopped.

Hospitality Kitchen Extract

Duct clean Scotland use the latest cleaning technology to ensure you get the best cleaning standard. DCS certified to issue BESA TR19 certificates for kitchen extract systems. Kitchen extract systems can be a potential fire risk if left unclean. Our engineers are all trained to BESA TR19 standards and are able to get rid of grease deposits through the system to minimise the risk of fire. Included in every clean you will have the following components cleaned to adhere to TR19 and included will be a TR19 certificate;

  • Canopy clean
  • Duct Clean
  • Filter clean
  • Fan clean
  • TR19 Certificate and report

Once cleaned the frequency of cleaning as per TR19 Guidelines are as follows

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Awareness Created

We understand that when you are running a busy restaurant, you do not always have the time to check the state of your kitchen adequately. Particularly during rush hours, your waiters and chefs would be on their toes to serve the customers in the best possible manner. This actually doesn’t leave business owners or any of the other stakeholders with the necessary time to check the kitchen state. As a professional kitchen extraction cleaning company, we ensure that our clients know about the damages that they can suffer if regular extraction cleaning jobs are not performed.
1. Even if there is no unfortunate incident, a visit by a health officer can place a question mark on your business credibility. If your kitchen is rated unsafe, it would be hard for people to trust you with their appetites. Grease deposits and blocked duct pipes are also connected to the health of the customers. Thus, if you want your business to have a continuous positive image, you should get extraction cleaning jobs done regularly.
2. When a fire incident occurs, it is impossible to extract the cause. However, if you know about the problems of your kitchen in a timely manner, you would be able to avoid the incident in the first place. This is exactly where we help you by identifying the problems that your kitchen has. For instance, if there are grease deposits in your kitchen, you would be told about it and our experts would identify the infected area as well. This would help you in getting the repair job done before an unfortunate fire-related incident.
3. One incident can simply send your business image into shambles. It is obvious that a business owner would never want to end up in such a situation. If we are there for you as your kitchen extraction cleaning partners, you do not even have to think that you would face any such problem.

Case Study: Restaurant Cosmo World Buffet

The previous contractor was unreliable and failed to carry out a thorough clean to the required standard. Grease was found to be leaking from overhead ducting. Cleaning schedule was ignored and not provided to the required TR/19 standards.
This is a busy restaurant with a significant amount of food being cooked. The current contract was a 6 monthly clean. On doing a wet film thickness test we assessed that a 3 monthly clean would best suit this national buffet chain. Within the 1st 3 months we had reduced the level of grease by sealing all he joints in the ducting and giving a thorough deep clean. We also changed the filters to a steel baffle which caught more of the grease. Our office team liaised with restaurant management to arrange access and to ensure all work was carried out on time.
As a result of our success on the Glasgow Cosmo in Silverburn we were awarded the Scottish contract for Cosmos and subsequently offered the national UK contact covering 18 cities in the UK.
We pride ourselves on attention to detail and on being TR/19 compliant. This includes Written reports with photographic evidence. We also highlight any remedial work recommended. Our back office team and automated reminder insure you will never miss your next appointment when your current certification runs out by contacting you 4 weeks in advance to tell you date of next clean.
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