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Grease Trap Clean

Grease Trap Clean

If you are running a restaurant in Scotland, Glasgow or any other part of the world, you should have a mechanism to deal with grease deposits. In restaurants, there are regular grease deposits that can even go into the water drainage system and result in various health issues. However, though our quality services, restaurant owners can bid farewell to all the problems related to grease deposits. We are there to help you with all related issues.

A Systematic Process

If you run a restaurant in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, or anywhere in Scotland, you can get your kitchen examined by us and reduce the chances of incidents that can take place due to grease deposits. Our company has a well-structured and systematic process. We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our progress.

Pre Clean Measurements 1

Before the cleaning job is initiated, we perform a proper checking process which gives us an idea of what needs to be done. For instance, if the restaurant does not have a grease trapping mechanism, we provide suggestions for installations. We have a number of methods of grease trapping and removal installations which can help customers with these deposit problems.

Post Clean Measurements 2

Once the required cleaning job has been completed, we ensure that no grease deposits are being made. If a device installation has been done, we check whether it is performing its job or not. For instance, if you have opted for grease removal units that work in an automatic manner, we ensure that they are working properly after the installation work has been done.

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Additional works carried out

We do examine the whole system accurately and perform additional jobs as well if the requirement is there. Our team believes in solving the problem completely. For instance, if a grease trap unit has been installed, we test it to ensure that it is working properly. Our goal is always to ensure that there are no grease deposits after we have completed our job. Thus, if any intermediate tasks need to be performed to complete this milestone, our experts perform them.

Length of time to clean

Getting rid of grease deposits is something that needs time and a hasty approach cannot be adopted in this relation. Thus, once we examine the problem, we make a list of all the individual tasks that need to be completed. For instance, if an automatic trap unit has to be installed and a cleaning job has to be performed before it, both these tasks would have individual time durations. We provide our clients with the total time span that would be required to complete the job. Other than that, we make sure that the duration is not extended in any manner.

Recommendations of future cleaning

Grease deposit problems usually take place when restaurants do not clean their kitchen at regular intervals. Thus, when the grease trap issue has been resolved, we ensure that the customers are provided with future cleaning recommendations. It is highly important that customers perform regular cleaning jobs so that the problem does not reoccur. We work extremely hard so that grease deposit and grease repair problems are solved on permanent basis. However, after the job has been completed, the staff of restaurants need to maintain cleanliness at all times. We also provide the staff of a particular restaurant with the cleaning tips that need to be used.

Observations of systems

Regular monitoring of grease trap systems is necessary whether a replacement has been made or a repair job has been done. Thus, our team pays regular visits to our customers and examine the condition from time. If there are any small niggles, they are fixed on the spot. The regular observation of systems makes it easy for us to identify whether things are going in the correct direction or not.

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