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DCS Celebrates 3rd Contract Within with NHS

Published on
August 13, 2020
Haylee Parker

DCS Celebrates 3rd Contract Within with NHS

As we head towards the end of 2020, Duct Clean Scotland has secured yet another successful year. This is our 3rd contract win of the year and helps to secure the company’s future in these incredibly uncertain times.

We are proud to be supplying vital services to the nation’s healthcare giant to keep the HVAC systems clean, healthy and efficient.

We cover a range of services across various health boards including AHU maintenance, testing and ventilation cleaning and theatre canopy cleaning.


Let’s get Down to Basics

While we are grateful for the win of the NHS Scotland contract, we believe it is down to our commitment towards being (and remaining) experts of the SHTM03/01 (Scottish Health Technical Memorandum) standard.

This is the standard that is used within NHS hospitals throughout all of Scotland to maintain health and efficiency for patients and staff.

Our role is to ensure the hospital ventilation cleaning is completed with the highest precision. This way, we are removing harmful bacteria that lurks within the HVAC systems of buildings.

While we provide our air supply cleaning service to other industries like schools, restaurants, and hotels, hospitals are a top priority given the 2020 requirements for health and safety.


What is SHTM03/01 part B?

The Scottish Health Technical Memorandum is a two-part operational manual to outline ventilation for healthcare premises in Scotland and its Isles.

Here at DCS, we consider ourselves experts in the field of SHTM03/01 due to our experience with hospitals across Britain. Our London branch of DCS also has key experience working with our NHS Trust to make sure that the ducts remain clean so we breath healthy air.

The focus of the SHTM03/01 is to safeguard and maintain the practice of health and cleanliness within healthcare facilities. The document states that a hospital must have provisions for fresh air make-up through due care and maintenance. This is because room air recirculation presents an issue for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) which will increase risks of HAI (Healthcare Associated Infection).

DCS look forward to providing these services over the coming months and years ahead.

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