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Competent person SHTM 03/01

This introductory course looks at the practical aspects of the measurement and maintenance of hospital ventilation systems. It includes many practical exercises that provide the learner with an opportunity to form a detailed understanding of the requirements of Scottish Health Technical Memorandum 03-01.


Is this course for you?

This course is intended for technicians and maintenance personnel fulfilling the role of Competent Person (Ventilation) as defined in SHTM 03-01, and for aspirant AP(V)s with little ventilation experience or knowledge. It is the progression route to the Ventilation & Air Conditioning for Authorised Persons (HTM03) course.

This course is also highly recommended as a foundation for people from other engineering disciplines expected to take up the role of Authorised Person (Ventilation). In addition, it will be highly beneficial to all grades of staff and managers involved with commissioning, maintaining or operating air-conditioning and ventilation plant either by direct labour or via contractors.

Infection control staff will also find this course useful in deepening their understanding of the subject.

This course will be invaluable to HVAC contractors intending to work in the healthcare environment.


To enable in-post or aspirant Competent Persons (Ventilation) to monitor, test and maintain plant; to specify plant components and to verify performance to SHTM 03-01 standards.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • State the purposes of ventilation and list the criteria for judging appropriate rates of ventilation
  • List statutory requirements and sources of Department of Health and industry guidance
  • Identify the need for and probable locations of fire and smoke dampers
  • Measure airflow and humidity in ducts and at air terminal devices, using a variety of instruments
  • Carry out proportional balancing of a simple system and state the process for a complex system
  • Identify the essential components of an air-conditioning system
  • List problems associated with steam humidifiers and how these may be overcome
  • Identify appropriate filter grades for given applications and determine the correct time to change them
  • Describe the function of control systems within ventilation systems
  • Carry out air handling unit audits and identify construction and maintenance issues
  • Verify critical system airflows and pressures

Additional information

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • The relationships between ventilation regimes and infection
  • The important differences between areas where room pressure is the key factor and those where airflow volume is key
  • How to maintain ventilation systems correctly in terms of both the plant and airflows; How to verify performance of critical ventilation systems both by inspection and measurement
  • How to rebalance airflows if needed
  • To calculate and assess air change rates
  • To select appropriate filters for various healthcare applications

SHTM 03-01

The course makes extensive references to SHTM 03-01 and is a very good foundation for those required to ensure compliance with the SHTM.
Please note: It is assumed that delegates who will go on to implement the new skills and knowledge in a maintenance role already have basic health & safety skills and knowledge and are already conversant with the maintenance of other plant or that additional training will be provided by their employer. If this is not the case then the tutor would welcome prior notice.
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