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An Introduction To Aeroseal

Aeroseal is a ground-breaking aerosol-based sealing technology created in 1993 by Dr. Mark Modera in his home where he discovered it was possible to seal leaks in ducts from the inside out. The problem is that the majority of ducts in commercial buildings leak air and this has until now been accepted as a common problem. Case studies have shown sealing ducts decreases energy waste by eliminating the gaps & holes.

This Has A Two-Fold Effect

60% of a buildings HVAC energy goes into its fans. By reducing leaks by 15% lowers fan requirements by 40% or more, saving thousands of pounds every month and contributing to an overall reduction in CO2 emissions.

It also helps to reduce contamination in ducting which is pulled in to the system through the holes in ductwork. As a direct benefit this cuts down on cleaning costs and helps to maintain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

In Conclusion Aeroseal’s solution has made duct sealing cost effective & straightforward to accomplish, making a top energy saving strategy for proprietors, Facility Managers and others looking to eliminate energy consumption and IAQ problems.

Save money with Aeroseal on your next project.

What Is Aeroseal?

AEROSEAL is the patented technology for efficiently & effectively sealing existing air duct systems from inside out in the swiftest possible way and with little disturbance.

Ductwork leakage rates are shown outlined in BESA DW144 and systems should be manufactured and fitted to comply with this specification.

Now the integral component is in the installation of new ventilation systems. Maximum air tension requirements for duct work can be guaranteed as well as achieved.

The revolutionary and patented AEROSEAL process was developed in the 1990s at the University of Berkeley - California. This technology is now successfully installed in more than 125,000 air duct systems, in residential and commercial buildings, all over the world.

Since its European launch in 2015 AEROSEAL has set new standards for the tightness of air duct systems.

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